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Computer Graphics Modeling and 3D Printing Technology

Yan Liang


Nowadays, with the development of science and technology, people’s production methods are also undergoing tremendous changes, especially in the manufacturing industry, advanced computer graphics modeling and 3D printing technology can complete the seamless connection of the whole process from research and development to production, and the changes in manufacturing are obvious. The computer is used to digitally model the size, specification, performance, etc. of the product, and adjust the data drawing parameters at will to achieve the real browsing effect, and finally achieve “visible and obtainable”. 3D printing can input computer graphics modeling files into a 3D printing device, and after further assembly and assembly, the fi nal product is obtained. Computer graphics modeling and 3D printing technology have become an important production mode in the information age.


Computer graphics modeling; 3D printing technology; Apply

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v7i28.10570