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Study on the Construction of “5G+ Rural Revitalization” Demonstration Area in Liaoning Province from the Perspective of “Digital Countryside”

Xi Cui, Zhigang Zhu


5G, as a new generation of information technology, provides important support for the construction of digital villages. This paper first expounds the connotation of digital countryside, analyzes its significance to rural revitalization, and puts forward the goals of the construction of “5G+ rural revitalization” demonstration area, namely, to achieve industrial prosperity, ecological livable, rural culture civilization, effective governance and rich life. On this basis, the construction path of “5G+ Rural revitalization” demonstration area in Liaoning Province is discussed in detail, from the aspects of smart agriculture, digital economy, public service, digital governance and green rural construction, etc., and the typical practices in these aspects of Gayzhou, Jinzhou and Shenbei New District are illustrated with examples. It is believed that Liaoning Province should seize the historical opportunity of 5G and digital development, vigorously promote the construction of digital villages with 5G technology as the core, so that digital achievements can benefit the rural front line, and promote rural revitalization with scientifi c and technological progress.


Digital village; 5G; Rural revitalization; Liaoning Province

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v7i28.10572