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Design and Implementation of Post-hospital Tracking Management System Based on Internet of Things Data Acquisition

Junxi Chen, Shaogeng Zeng, Linqing Xian


Chronic disease refers to a class of chronic noninfectious diseases with long course, complicated condition, easy recurrence and difficult to be completely cured. In the course of treatment of chronic diseases, patients often face problems such as increased drug resistance and multiple complications. The traditional post - hospital management of chronic diseases has the limitation that doctors cannot know the real -time status of patients in time, which has become one of the main reasons why many families of chronic disease patients fall into the dilemma of “poverty due to illness, and return to poverty due to illness”. In order to solve this problem, this project combines the acquisition and transmission technology of the Internet of Things and the developme nt of mobile platform to realize the one -click synchronization of the health data of patients with chronic diseases and the post- hospital tracking management platform of the hospital. By opening up the online communication channels for home rehabilitation treatment of chronic disease patients and rehabilitation therapists and physicians, responsible rehabilitation therapists and physicians can evaluate the health status and rehabilitation situation of patients in combination with their real-time health data, and timely adjust rehabilitation treatment plans. In addition, all historical health records, communication and doctor’s advice programs can be recorded on the platform, which facilitates the referral and follow -up treatment of patients, and also provide s a basis for determining responsibility for medical disputes.


Chronic diseases; Post-hospital tracking; Internet of Things; Mobile platforms; Health data synchronization; Rehabilitation

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v7i28.10600