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The Problems and Countermeasures in the Practical Training of oral Business English in Higher Vocational Education

Jingjing Liu


This paper aims to explore the problems and possible countermeasures in the practical teaching of business English oral training in vocational colleges. Through the analysis of the current teaching situation, it was found that the teaching content is limited, teachers have problems in teaching, the teaching content does not match actual needs, and students have problems in learning. In response to these issues, some improvement strategies have been proposed, including scientifi cally setting up the content of business English oral training courses, improving teachers’ professional ability training, paying attention to practical needs, and exploring new modes of oral training. By adopting these measures, it is expected to improve the quality of vocational business English oral training teaching and enhance students’ practical application abilities in oral English.


Vocational Business English; Oral training; Countermeasure

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v7i28.10601