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Reform and Study on Structure System and Teaching Method of Calligraphy Public Course in Guangxi Local Colleges and Universities

Liwen Ye, MeiJie Zhang


This paper focuses on the reform of calligraphy public course structure system and teaching methods in local colleges and universities in Guangxi,including exploring the calligraphy course structure system suitable for local colleges and universities in Guangxi,how to strengthen the construction of teachers,improving the quality and effect of calligraphy education,examining the current calligraphy elective course level test and evaluation standards,exploring innovative calligraphy teaching methods and technical means,and guiding students from local universities in Guangxi to participate in calligraphy works creation,competitions and exhibitions.


Guangxi local colleges and universities;Calligraphy public course;Structure system and teaching method

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[1] Hanzhi Liu.Research on Aesthetic Education Function of Public Art Courses in Colleges and Universities in the New Era--Taking the Training Goal of Calligraphy General Courses in Higher Education as an Example[J].Chinese Calligraphy,2023(08):170-171.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v7i28.10607