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Thoughts on the Reform of Public English Teaching in Higher Vocational Colleges with Chinese and Western Culture as the Interest Point

Yanyan Yang, Sha Fei


With the continuous development of higher vocational education reform, public English practice teaching in higher vocational colleges has become an important task at this stage. According to the investigation and analysis, the former public English teaching model has been unable to meet the actual learning needs of students at this stage. According to the actual demand of employers for public English at this stage, enterprises need talents with good oral communication ability and public negotiation ability, that is, compound English talents. However, the students cultivated by the traditional teaching and training methods have low practical ability of public English and poor English communication ability. Therefore, schools should timely update and adjust the existing teaching mode, adjust the existing curriculum system structure and so on. To realize the organic integration between teaching and practice, effectively improve students’ English application and communication ability, and meet the needs of employers for graduates’ English ability


Vocational college public English; Chinese and Western culture; Teaching reform

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[1] Chen Jieping. Research on multi-level teaching strategies of public English under the background of differences between Chinese and Western tea cultures [J]. Fujian Tea, 2022, 44(11):138-140. (in Chinese)

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v7i28.10612