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Exploring and Practicing a Practice-Oriented”Industry-Education Integration and Integration of General and Professional Education”Model for Cultivating Applied Business Talents

Linmeng Liang


This dissertation examines strategies for developing a pragmatic,ability-focused approach to business education tailored to address prevailing challenges.Initially,it presents an overview of the contemporary issues faced by business education,such as inadequate practical skills,misalignment between educational objectives and industry needs,and the dichotomy between specialized and general education.In response,the research proposes an amalgamation of industry-academic collaborations and a synthesis of general and specialized education.These recommendations encompass the establishment of an interdisciplinary curriculum framework,the creation of a comprehensive collaborative educational resource repository,and the inception of a multi-stakeholder collaborative educational platform.The study concludes by underscoring the necessity for continuous improvement,projecting future trends like assessment methodologies,international partnerships,technological advancements,education that emphasizes social responsibility,and interdisciplinary studies.This inquiry aims to contribute insights and retrospection benefi cial for the progressive transformation of business education.


Practical Ability;Industry-Education Integration;General and Specialized Integration;Business Studies;Applied Talents

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v7i28.10712