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Research on College English Classroom Construction From the Perspective of Ecological Model Cognition

Xiao Liu


At present, with the development of educational information technology, a high degree of artificial intelligence has led to the unbalanced development factors in the traditional English classroom.With the emergence of a new teaching model, college English teaching is in a fresh new development environment, the disadvantages of traditional teaching began to be exposed, and relevant educators began to explore the English ecological classroom. The construction of the English ecological classroom is based on Education Ecological theory. The whole English teaching is regarded as an ecosystem, teachers, students and teaching environment are ecological factors in the classroom. In order to continuously improve the English ecological classroom, it is necessary to improve various ecological factors from multiple angles to ensure the benign interaction of each factor and promote each other. Therefore, the construction of an English ecological classroom is the direction of the progress and development of universities at this stage.


University; English teaching; Ecological classroom

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