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Multi-dimensional Analysis of University Teacher Evaluation under the Background of “Breaking the ‘Five-only’Higher Education Evaluation”

Cuihong Zhang, Dengwu Wang, Zemin He, Yuntao Liu, Wei Bian


As a product of the reform of the university teacher evaluation system guided by artificial intelligence,people-centered development philosophy and the actual demand of diversified personnel training,the“breaking the‘Five-only’higher education evaluation”aims to transform the unscientific development orientation of university teacher evaluation,break through the ideological shackles of the traditional teaching concept of“score only,thesis only,further education only,offi cial hat only,and diploma only”for higher education teachers,and promote the multi-dimensional development of university teacher evaluation under the background of“breaking the‘five-only’higher education evaluation”.Therefore,this paper conducts an in-depth analysis and exploration of the multi-dimensional evaluation of university teachers under the background of“breaking the‘five-only’higher education evaluation”,in order to promote the objective,scientific,and professional development of university teacher evaluation.


Background of“breaking the‘five-only’higher education evaluation”;University;Teacher evaluation;Multi-dimensional;Analyze

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v7i35.12519