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Innovative Research on Teaching in College Architecture Majorby Integrating Sustainable Development Concepts

Li Wang


Teacher cooperation community; Continuous improvement
Construction industry plays an important role in the development of national economy and people’s livelihood. The training of construction personnel in colleges and universities plays a basic role in ensuring the sustainable development of the construction industry. However, with the development of The Times, the training of personnel in colleges and universities in our country is also facing some new situations and problems, such as the decrease of students’ enthusiasm in choosing architecture major for college entrance examination. Some colleges and universities are dissatisfied with enrollment or cannot solve the problem of insufficient enrollment of students by means of major transfer of students, and some colleges and universities have the problem that the talents trained can not meet the needs of society. This paper intends to explore how to effectively solve the problem of training talents for architecture majors in colleges and universities from the aspect of teaching innovation.


Sustainable development; Major in architecture; Teaching innovation

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