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Research on the Integration of Information and Communication Technology into Junior Middle School EFL Classroom

Yi Zhou


The present study adopts the classroom observation method to observe and analyze 15 junior middle school English exemplary lessons using the SAMR model as the analytical framework, aiming to investigate the status quo of the integration of information and communication technology and junior high school EFL classroom. The present study found that there have been varying degrees of technological integration behaviors in middle school English classrooms, but overall, they have not reached a deep level of integration, and there are problems with information technology applications remaining at a lower level, the structure of English classrooms not undergoing substantial changes, and the use of information technology in middle school English classrooms being neglected. It is recommended that middle school English teachers deepen their digital awareness and strengthen the design of digital teaching in their courses. The use of information technology in the classrooms should always adhere to the essential requirement of student development, and pay attention to the cultivation of students' thinking abilities such as reflection, evaluation, and summary supported by information technology.


Information communication; Communication technology; English classroom research

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