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Utilizing New Media to Create a Synergistic Communication Platform to Support Shanwei's Rural High-quality Development —— Guangdong Shanwei , for Instance

Qinqin Liu


The iteration of information technology and the development of new media have brought new opportunities for the development of the countryside. Shanwei, as an old revolutionary area, is in a critical period of rural revitalization and faces a series of challenges. We make full use of new media platforms to promote Shanwei through multi-channels such as "offi cial media" + "self-media", such as fi lming short videos of rural culture, tourism promotion or introduction of food, folk customs and other related videos to increase the popularity and exposure of Shanwei. By deeply exploring the value of rural local culture, building a multi-platform synergistic communication matrix, forming a multi-channel, cross-media communication path, and at the same time, strengthening the two-way drive of local and foreign talents, empowering the revitalization of Shanwei's countryside, and promoting the in-depth integration of culture and tourism and industrial development.


New media communication; Rural revitalization; Media integration

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v7i35.12570