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Current Application Status of Differentiated Teaching in High School Aerobics Education in China

Haojun Zhao, Lim Pek, Zhuozhuo Xin


Along with the progress of quality education, nourishing the comprehensive development of high school students with excellent skills, consensus in education, has been reached. Previous methods, which were borrowed from traditional aerobics instruction, were not responsive to the heterogeneous nature and physical fitness levels of students. Consequently, high school teachers must embrace varied teaching techniques in aerobics education in order to support individualized development, which in turn would help students unleash their own learning abilities and talents. Even though the system of classroom teaching is limited and the model of examination-oriented education does not allow differentiated teaching in aerobics classrooms fully. The present research explores implementation of differentiated teaching through literature analysis, questionnaire surveys, expert interviews, and mathematical statistical methods. The research will also investigate the challenges teachers have faced in differentiated teaching, student evaluation, as well as student learning motivation and evaluation. The purpose is to assess the implementation level of heterogeneous teaching in high school aerobics instruction. Finally, the study may suggest some effective measures for enhancing students’ aerobics learning abilities and represent thorough evidence for the development of various forms of personalized teaching in high school aerobic education.


Quality Education; differentiated Teaching; High School Aerobics Curriculum; Application Status; Strategy Research

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v8i2.12991