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Jing Hengyi’s Adoption of “Cuanbaozi” and Its Artistic Expression

Qiwen Mao


Dian Di “Cuan Baozi Stele” is an important monument handed down in the Eastern Jin Dynasty. This paper focuses on the position of art style comments, mainly from the modern in the academic and artistic have important achievements in the Zhejiang famous writer Jing Heng Yi on the “Cuan Baozi Stele” calligraphy value analysis and art to take the performance of the two ends of the law, discussing Jing Heng Yi to take the “Cuan Baozi Stele” and its artistic performance situation. The methodology and means of expression of Cuan Baozi Stele adopted by Jing Hengyi were unique in Hangzhou and Shanghai at that time, and had a great influence on those who came after him. He not only with a distinctive style of “Jing’s Cuan style calligraphy” unique for a while, but also spent a lot of energy compiling the “Cuan Baozi Stele Ancient Poetry Collected Couplets”, and at the same time in the seal carving of “Cuan style” Regular Script into the seal, are to lead the trend of the move.


Cuanbaozi; Jing Henyi; Artistic performance; Academic evaluation

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v8i2.13007