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The Exploration and Application of PI in the Course of Natural Medicinal Chemistry

Jie Chen, Yiguang Li


PI is a problem-based autonomous,discussion,inquiry teaching method,which can improve learning autonomy and enhance learning effect[1],and is also one of the teaching methods with certain influence in the international teaching field.Based on the curriculum characteristics of natural medicinal chemistry,PI is applied to its teaching,and a new teaching mode based on PI is attempted to be established,hoping to improve the teaching quality of core professional courses,cultivate medical talents with solid professional foundation and high comprehensive quality,and provide guarantee for the development of pharmacy.


PI;Natural medicinal chemistry;Exploration and application

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[1] Ping Zhang,DING Lin&Wenshuo Zhang.Research on the Concept,Evolution and Effectiveness of Flipped Classroom[J].Journal of Educational Studies,2017,13(1):P46-55.

[2] Eric Mazur.Peer Instruction:A Guide to University Physics Teaching[M].Translated by Min Zhu&Xianfeng Chen.Beijing:China Machine Press,2011:P23.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v8i2.13017