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Research on Higher Vocational Aesthetic Education Innovation Based on Chinese Excellent Traditional Culture

Mingzhi Gu


With the continuous development of education, the important educational function of students’ aesthetic education in promoting students’ self-understanding and self-improvement has been widely concerned and attached importance. Through the deep integration with traditional culture, aesthetic education can be continuously innovated, and the breadth and depth of education can be continuously expanded, which can not only strengthen the cultivation of students’ professional skills and personal qualities. It is conducive to students to better carry out future career development planning, improve the employment rate of students, and play a vital role in the establishment of students’ correct values, career outlook and development outlook, and effectively ensure the realization of students’ comprehensive and balanced development education goals. This paper analyzes the significance of the integration of Chinese excellent traditional culture and aesthetic education, and discusses the integration and innovation strategies of aesthetic education and Chinese excellent traditional culture in combination with the existing problems in aesthetic education at the present stage.


Chinese excellent traditional culture; Higher vocational education; Aesthetic education

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[1] Zhou Xuan. Analysis on the construction of higher vocational aesthetic Education curriculum System from the perspective of traditional Chinese culture -- A case study of aesthetic education practice in Guangdong Agricultural, Industrial and Technical College [J]. Journal of Guangdong Agricultural, Industrial and Technical College, 2022, 38(4):70-74.

[2] Liu Luning. Research on the integration of Chinese Excellent Traditional Culture and Aesthetic Education in Higher Vocational Colleges [J]. Journal of Liaoning Open University, 2023(1):110-112.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v8i2.13021