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Research on the Blended Teaching Design of College English Vocabulary Based on the Output-oriented Approach

Guangyao Hu, Li Zhang


As an important position for cultivating outstanding talents with strong professional qualities, universities should take effective measures to continuously enrich students’ learning experience and improve students’ interpersonal skills. Applying the output-oriented method in the mixed teaching of English vocabulary can create a new English learning situation for students, effectively improve students’ core competencies in the subject, and promote their healthy development in the future. Integrating the output-oriented method into the mixed teaching of English vocabulary can not only guide students to engage in input-based learning and output-based application, but also increase students’ self-awareness and enable them to rationally use English vocabulary in future social development. expression to improve the effectiveness of English vocabulary classroom teaching.


Output-oriented method; College English; Blended vocabulary teaching

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v8i2.13029