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The “Internet +” Action Research of College Smart Dormitory Management

Nan Zhou, Shuo Yang, Jinrui Yue


In the modern society with the rapid development of information technology, “Internet +” provides new ideas and methods for the development of all walks of life. Dormitory occupies a very key position in the daily life of college students, and is also the place where college students stay for the longest time. In recent years, all colleges and universities are expanding enrollment, and the number of students has increased significantly, which increases the difficulty of college dormitory management to a certain extent, and makes college dormitory management face severe challenges. Actively carrying out the “Internet +” action of smart dormitory management in colleges and universities can effectively reduce the work intensity and work pressure of dormitory managers, while providing a better living environment for college students, and effectively guaranteeing the personal safety of college students. This paper mainly analyzes the problems existing in the traditional college dormitory management, explores the “Internet +” action measures for the smart dormitory management of colleges and universities, hoping to play a good role in promoting the efficient development of college dormitory management.


Universities; Intelligent dormitory management; “Internet Plus”

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v8i2.13035