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The Functions and Development Strategies of Integrating Traditional Culture into Young Pioneers Education

Tiange Xia


With the rapid development of globalization, the younger generation has grown up in the wave of informatization, and the content and values they are exposed to have also become diversified. The exchanges, blending and confrontation of various ideological and cultural cultures around the world are becoming more frequent, and social ideas are becoming increasingly active. In this process, traditional culture faces the risk of being ignored and forgotten. The unique value system of China’s excellent traditional culture is a concentrated expression of the influence and cohesion of the Chinese nation’s common values in the new era. As an educational organization widely carried out among primary and secondary school students, the correct use of China’s excellent traditional culture to cultivate Young Pioneers and the application of China’s excellent traditional culture to Young Pioneers education not only guide the values of Young Pioneers, but also practice the spirit of inheriting the country’s excellent traditional culture. . In the educational practice of the Young Pioneers, the inheritance of China’s excellent traditional culture can provide the Young Pioneers with a more unique Chinese aesthetic quality.


Excellent traditional culture; Young Pioneers education; Development strategy

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