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Application of 3D Simulation Technology in Construction Process of Building Equipment Pipeline

Lina Ha


With the continuous development of economy, people’s demand for life is also increasing. Building equipment pipeline engineering should not only show artistic appreciation and practical ability, but also show economic and environmental protection and building safety. In the pipeline engineering of construction equipment pipeline construction, whether from the construction efficiency, construction quality or performance, 3D simulation technology has immeasurable role and far-reaching practical significance, and also has the intuitive nature of construction projects. In the construction equipment pipeline engineering, the problem of insufficient space gap and pipeline crossing is the most common problem in the construction equipment pipeline design industry and the actual workers in the construction. Using three-dimensional simulation technology, we can establish a relatively complete three-dimensional model of building pipeline information, and timely find the unreasonable actual situation and disadvantages in the process of building implementation. This cost can be cancelled before the actual construction, saving money, improving efficiency and shortening the construction period. With the continuous development of construction, the requirements of construction enterprises for construction efficiency have been improved, and the requirements of construction units for project quality and appearance have also been improved. In such a big environment, we put forward more requirements for the construction of building pipeline system. In order to better develop and adapt to the requirements of the times, the construction units of building pipeline should increase the application and promotion of new technologies, and use all kinds of new technologies to improve their production efficiency and quality. This article uses ICP algorithm and 3D map matching algorithm to study a series of construction equipment in the construction process of all possible profiles. In this paper, combined with the current situation of building pipeline design and construction, the application of three-dimensional simulation technology in the construction process of building equipment pipeline is described. This paper analyzes the advantages of 3D simulation technology, and deeply understands the practical application and real situation of 3D simulation software technology in the construction process of building equipment pipeline.


Three Dimensional Simulation Technology; Construction Equipment; Pipeline Construction; Two Dimensional Plane

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v5i2.3319