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Research on the Construction of Class Culture from the Perspective of Employment Orientation

Qizhi Xu


With the popularity of the Internet, colleges have become an important gathering place of multi culture. With the acceleration of social rhythm, employment oriented talent training has become an important indicator in college teaching, which requires colleges to continuously enhance employment orientation (hereinafter referred to as EO) in daily teaching. At the same time, with the school enterprise joint education in full swing, it has become an important index for colleges to cultivate and transport professional talents for enterprises, which requires colleges to establish a learning atmosphere based on EO. The construction of class culture (hereinafter referred to as CC) is an important basis for the construction of campus culture, which requires us to constantly integrate CC and EO, which will better meet the needs of colleges for skilled talents. Through the integration of employment culture and CC, colleges can build employment oriented CC, which will achieve the training objectives of colleges. CC construction can realize ideological and political education (hereinafter referred to as IAPE). First, this paper analyzes the importance of building employment oriented CC. Then, this paper puts forward some problems. Finally, some suggestions are put forward.


Employment Orientation; Class Culture; Employment Culture

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v5i2.3361