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Research Plan of Student Quality Evaluation Mode Based on WeChat Official Account of Intelligent Machinery "Cloud Quality" Platform

Huiling Yin, Ling Deng


WeChat official account as a new communication and social mode of Internet technology application is being widely and deeply integrated into the management of university students. In the evaluation of students’ quality, the official account of WeChat is used to give full play to the characteristics of the comprehensive touch and precision push of mobile social networking. Combined with the characteristics of students’ quality education, we promote the system improvement and mode innovation of quality education evaluation, and enhance the students’ participation enthusiasm, forming a new student management mode that combines and promotes each other.


Official Account; College Students; Quality Evaluation

Full Text:



[1] Xue Q, Bai B. Thinking and practice of quantitative evaluation method of students’ comprehensive quality in higher vocational colleges. Journal of Liaoning Agricultural Vocational and Technical College 2020; 22(04): 57-58.

[2] Li C. Research on the construction of higher vocational students’ comprehensive quality evaluation system based on behavioral big data. Office Automation 2020; 25(04): 28-30+20.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v5i2.3371