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The Influence of Orff’s Music Teaching Method in Germany on Chinese Music Education

Jiayi Chen


This paper expounds the concrete connotation of Orff’s music teaching method in Germany, and illustrates its characteristics of creativity and comprehensiveness. Then it analyzes the present situation of music education in China, and concludes that there are some problems, such as ignoring practice teaching, lack of creativity and singleness of education mode.


Orff’s Music Teaching Method; Influence; Chinese Music Education

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1. You W, Zheng J. The influence of Orff’s music education system on Chinese music education. Journal of Dezhen College 2013; 28(2): 86-87.2. Zhang T. The enlightenment of Orff’s music teaching method to the development of Chinese music education. Private Technology 2010; (11): 101.3. Duan X. A Study on the application of Orff’s music teaching method in music teaching of preschool education specialty. Sichuan Normal University 2013.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v5i4.3523