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Research on the Cultivation Path of “Production, Learning and Research” for Creative Talents in Art Majors in Universities

Jiwen Gong


The goal of art teaching in my country’s colleges and universities is not only to improve students’ own professional art ability, but also to cultivate students’ sense of innovation and ability to promote students to form compound innovative talents, so as to enhance students’ social competitiveness. This article analyzes and researches the implementation of the “production, study and research” dual innovation talent training strategy for art majors in colleges and universities, and puts forward some teaching reform suggestions, hoping to improve the teaching quality of art majors in colleges and universities, and cultivate more compound innovations that meet social needs Talent.


Art Major in Colleges and Universities; Double Innovation Talent Training; Production; Study and Research Teaching; Path research

Full Text:



1. Xu H, Wang L. Research on the innovative talent cultivation system of industry-university-research cooperative education of art design major in colleges and universities. Horizon View 2020; (3): 1.2. Liu L, Liu X. Research on the cultivation of creative talents in art majors in colleges and universities from the perspective of “Internet+”. Research on Communication Power 2019; 3(28): 191.3. Jing D, Gao G, Liu J. Research on the teaching practice of “production, learning and research” in art majors in higher vocational colleges. China Interior Decoration World 2020; (2): 191.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v5i4.3530