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Application of Nutrition Fortified Food in Nutrition Supplement

Yuanxin Li


With the development of the times, in recent years, people’s basic living standards are constantly improving. More
and more luxury goods and spiritual and material enjoyment appear in people’s vision. At the same time, more electronic products are threatening people’s health. People began to focus on food safety and their own health, and began to pay attention to the relationship between nutrition fortified food and human nutrition supplement. Only by upgrading the health and nutrition of the human body, can we better face life and challenges. This paper mainly discusses the relationship between nutrition fortified food and nutrition supplement and the specific application measures


Nutrition Fortified Food; Nutrition Supplement; Application Measures

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1. Zhang W, Liu Y, Zhou P. Effect of protein fortification on eating quality of Asian noodles. Annual Meeting of CFST 2018.2. Zhang W, Zhang J, Qin X, et al. Rational diet nutrition and human health. China’s Food Industry 2017; (4): 62-63.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v5i4.3540