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Analysis on the Influencing Factors of “Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education” Incorporating into the Construction of Higher Vocational Public English Teaching

Chunzi Wang


As an important goal of talent cultivation, innovation and entrepreneurship can not only strengthen the effectiveness of higher vocational education, but also enable students to find a more suitable learning method while stimulating the sense of innovation, so as to achieve the goal of smooth employment in a subtle way. As an important basic course, public English is not only an important content to strengthen students’ language application ability, but also to a certain extent help students have a higher English literacy, making them a high-quality talent that the country needs. Starting from different educational perspectives, this article explores the main ways to carry out high-quality public English classes, hoping to strengthen the teaching effect and respect the law of student personality development while effectively enhancing students’ innovation and entrepreneurship capabilities.


Cultivation Goals; English Literacy; Higher Vocational Education; Innovation and Entrepreneurship Awareness

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v5i4.3553