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Discussion on the Application and Strategy of Micro-course in the Course of “Machining Technology” in Colleges and Universities

Pingfeng Wu


As a kind of information-based teaching mode, “micro-class” can bring students a more intuitive experience and arouse students’ attention to the content of the course. Applying micro-courses to the course of “Machining Technology” in colleges and universities is a measure of college education reform. This article focuses on the two aspects of the application advantages of micro-classes in the course of “Machining Technology” in colleges and universities and the application strategies of micro-classes in the course of “Machining Technology” in colleges and universities, focusing on the analysis of the advantages of micro-classes, and combining the advantages of micro-classes, explore the teaching strategies of “Machining Technology” courses in colleges and universities, hoping to start with “import links”, “training links” and “expanding links”, reform the traditional teaching mode, and optimize the course system of “Machining Technology” in colleges and universities.


Colleges and Universities; Micro-classes; Mechanical Processing; Application Strategies

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v5i4.3559