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Research on College English Teaching Model of “Double Innovation” Education and English Education

Fangfang Yang


Innovation and entrepreneurship have gradually become the most obvious feature of the development of the new era. The integration of innovation and entrepreneurship education and English education is a section that colleges and universities need to explore in English teaching. Innovation and entrepreneurship have changed various fields, and the integration with English education will become an important direction for future education development. Based on the current situation of English teaching, this paper studies the college English teaching model that integrates innovation education and English education, and proposes relevant measures to provide a new model for English teaching to promote better development of English teaching.


Double Innovation Education; English Education; Inclusive Teaching

Full Text:



1. Yang J. An analysis of college English teaching mode integrating double innovation education and English education. Chinese Journal of Multimedia and Network Teaching (First Issue) 2021; (1): 205-207.2. Sun L. Research on college English teaching model of “Double Innovation”education and English education. Invention and Innovation (Vocational Education) 2019; (9): 20.3. Sun Q. An analysis of college English teaching model based on the integration of innovation and English education. Knowledge Economy 2020; (6): 93-95.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v5i4.3564