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Research on the Application of Modern Educational Technology in Adult Higher Education

Xianhui Zhang


With the progress of the whole society and the continuous innovation and development of science and technology, the education cause in China is constantly improving and changing. The continuous adjustment of the education system makes the educational achievements more and more close to the needs of the society for talents, and the high-quality education can train high-quality talents for the society. In recent years, adult higher education has developed rapidly, which provides a good opportunity for the reeducation of adults. Adult higher education has the same and great difference with other age education. Because the educated people are adults, their thinking and knowledge acceptance ability are relatively strong. Therefore, the education needs to adjust the teaching plan according to the characteristics of the educated. The rapid development of science and technology provides a relatively perfect modern education technology for higher adult education. The use of modern educational technology in adult higher education will make the efficiency and achievements of education greatly improved.


Modern Education Technology; Adult Higher Education; Application Research

Full Text:



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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v5i4.3573