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Enhancing the Informatization Innovation Ability of Computer Education Reform

Zhentao Zhao


With the rapid development of the current information age, the society’s demand for computer professionals is also increasing. However, the reform of computer teaching in higher vocational colleges needs to focus on social needs as the starting point to implement corresponding teaching work. At the same time, the development of computer teaching mode needs to take into account the needs of students’ individual development and formulate corresponding teaching plans for students, to fully respect students’ personalities and talents to carry out corresponding computer teaching, and cultivate more outstanding computer professionals for the society. This article briefly explores and analyzes the current computer majors in higher vocational colleges, the key points encountered in the teaching reform and the implementation strategies, in order to improve the teaching quality of the corresponding higher vocational colleges.


Higher Vocational Education; Computer Education Reform; Innovation Ability

Full Text:



1. Wang Y. The focus and implementation of computer teaching reform in higher vocational colleges. Digital World 2019; (2).2. Xiong Y. Analysis of the focus and implementation path of computer teaching reform in higher vocational colleges. Keyuan Today 2015; (7).

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v5i4.3574