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Analysis on the Construction of the Fine Management System of Library Books

Song Shan


The concept of refined management was first used in the field of enterprise management, and it is more effective than traditional management methods. As far as library management is concerned, the use of sophisticated management methods to implement library information management can greatly reduce management costs and improve management quality and efficiency. Based on this, this article is based on the construction of library management, analyzes the importance of the realization of fine management of library materials, and focuses on how to construct a fine management system of library books and materials, in order to effectively reform the traditional library management mode and promote modern books. The healthy development of the museum.


Library; Books and Materials; Refined Management; System Construction

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1. Li Y. The construction of refined management system for library books and materials. Juanzong 2021; 11 (4): 220. 2. Liu L. Discussion on the construction of the refined management system of library books and materials. Juanzong 2020; 10 (34): 192. 3. Wang Z. The construction and value thinking of the refined management system of library books and materials. New Education Era Electronic Journal (Teacher Edition) 2020; (16): 218.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v5i5.3638