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Teaching Reform of Economics and Management Mathematics under the Background of Artificial Intelligence———Discussion on Project Driven Teaching Mode

Bowen Li, Yi Peng


The development of artificial intelligence puts forward new requirements for mathematics teaching in higher vocational colleges. Based on the existing teaching reform and project driven teaching mode, this paper reconstructs the teaching content of economics and management mathematics. From the overall reform idea, teaching content design, project design, teaching implementation process and other aspects, this paper puts forward a set of economic and management mathematics teaching reform plan with the integration of teaching, learning and doingwith students as the main body, project as the carrier and ability training as the core, hoping to effectively improve the effect of higher vocational mathematics teaching.


Economics and Management Mathematics; Project Driven; Artificial Intelligence

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1. Fan Y, Sun M. Discussion on the overall design of Higher Mathematics Project Teaching in Vocational Colleges. Mathematics Learning and Research: Teaching and Research Edition 2015; (21): 19-19. 2. Li B. Research on the teaching reform of the combination of economics and information management major and mathematics in Higher Vocational Colleges. Science and Education Guide 2018; (20): 40-41. 3. Yi P, Chen Y, Bowen L. Teaching reform of “ Python Programming” for accounting in the context of artificial intelligence———Discussion on project driven teaching mode. Advances in Higher Education 2021; 5(2).

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v5i5.3642