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Exploration on the Application of Flipped Classroom in College Basic English Teaching from the Perspective of Micro Class

Ziling Wu, Xing Huang, Shuangsui Han


Micro class, as the name suggests, is a micro course. It is a teaching video mainly focusing on refining knowledge points, presenting learning theme, learning scope and related materials in a fragmented way. In the light of its unique characteristics, for example, the length of the course is characterized by the short, the content takes the essence and its dross as the main content and the situational theme is the main form of teaching. This will not only help students better focus, improve their learning efficiency, and plan their learning goals, as well as improve their interest in learning, in order to make teachers help students develop their own learning strategies, reflect on teachers’ teaching methods, and guide students to achieve better results.


Micro Class Perspective; Flipped Classroom; College Basic English Teaching; Higher Education

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1. Xu Y. Analysis and application of key factors in flipped classroom under the “ Internet plus” ———Taking ERP sand table course as an example. Journal of Multimedia and Network Teaching in China (first part) 2019; (9): 3-4. 2. Chen J. Pre class task design of flipped classroom based on micro class from the perspective of ARCS Model———Taking the course of “ fundamentals of management” in open education as an example. Cultural and Educational Materials 2017; (30): 195-196. 3. Wu L. On the application of flipped classroom in college basic English teaching from the perspective of micro class. Chinese Journal of Multimedia and Network Teaching (first part) 2020; (1): 185-186.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v5i5.3644