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Exploration of SPOC based Mixed Teaching of Japanese Translation in Private Colleges

Meng Guo


Under the background of information-based teaching, especially in the post epidemic era, online and offline mixed teaching has gradually become a new mode with practical significance. In view of the important role of Japanese translation in students’ professional quality ability, SPOC mixed teaching is adopted. From the final effect, the mixed teaching based on SPOC is suitable for the characteristics of students in private colleges and universities, and the students’ learning effect is better.


SPOC; Mixed Teaching; Practical Exploration

Full Text:



1. Huang X, Yang Y, Lan S. Research and practice of mixed teaching mode based on SPOC-Taking database principle and application course as an example. Journal of Hebei Software Vocational and Technical College 2021; 23 (2): 45-48. 2. Wang L, Chen L, Song Y. The practice of SPOC based blended teaching mode in analytical chemistry. Chemistry Education (Chinese and English) 2021; 42(12): 35-40. 3. Zhou L. Research on the innovative mode of college English teaching based on SPOC. Industry and Technology Forum 2021; 20(12): 198-199.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v5i5.3645