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Analysis on the Teaching Mode of Yangko Dance in Northern Shaanxi under the Internet Environment

Yue Lei


The impact of Internet on traditional teaching mode brings new opportunities and new possibilities to teaching reform. Online teaching has become a very popular teaching method. With its openness, timeliness and interactivity, the Internet has brought a lot of convenience for teaching. At the same time, teachers can bring knowledge to more people who need it. Based on the teaching mode of combining traditional classroom and network platform under the Internet environment, this paper analyzes the innovation and advantages of this mode in view of the traditional form, as well as the improvement and exploration of Internet online teaching as a new force.


Internet; Yangko in Northern Shaanxi; Teaching Model

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1. Yang G, Gu S, Li P, et al. Reform and practice of course teaching mode under the Internet environment ——— Taking “computer communication and network” as an example. Computer Education 2017; (7): 48-51. 2. Chen K. Analysis of sports English teaching mode from the perspective of Internet. Sporting Goods and Technology 2017; (23): 65-66. 3. Ru Y. Analysis of smart classroom teaching mode in colleges and universities under mobile Internet. Education and Teaching Forum 2020; (12): 374-375.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v5i5.3648