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Teaching Reform and Practice of Business Negotiation Course Based on “MOOC + Flipped Classroom” Mode———Take Hubei University of Arts and Science as an example

Dandan Xu


The “MOOC + Flipped Classroom” model is a new teaching model that “ student development is the center”, fully respects the student’s subject consciousness, and gives full play to the student’s subjective role. Based on reviewing the relevant theoretical basis and practical exploration of teaching reform based on “MOOC + Flipped Classroom”, this article first studies the target positioning of teaching reform, and then takes the Hubei University of Arts and Science Institute of Technology as an example to focus on the reform plan of the “Business Negotiation” course. With a view to providing reform experience for similar economics courses.


MOOC + Flipped Classroom; Business Negotiation; Reform Practice

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1. Cheng X. Discussion on MOOC-based flipped classroom teaching practice. Software Guide 2015; 14(5): 18-19. 2. Li G. Research on the MOOC - based flipped classroom teaching model of college English. Journal of Hubei Open Vocational College 2021; 34(11): 18-22.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v5i5.3656