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Practical Exploration of “ 1+X” Certificate System in the Automotive Field of Higher Vocational Colleges

Xiaojie Lan, Shang Wang, Wenying Zhu


One of the most important innovations in the development of modern education in China is the “1+X” certificate system. The main purpose is to cultivate compound talents and is an important measure to improve the economic and social level. Taking the automobile major of higher vocational colleges as an example, this article mainly elaborates the necessity of the “1+X” certificate system and the difficulties faced by colleges and universities in the implementation of the “1+X” certificate system, and puts forward some strategic suggestions for this purpose.


Higher Vocational Colleges; “1+X” Certificate System; Automotive Professional Field

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1. Chen G. On the practical training of automobile major in higher vocational colleges. Journal of Nanchang College of Education 2019; 56(8): 123-124. 2. Hu X. The operation plan of the pilot “1+X” certificate system for the automobile major in higher vocational colleges. Southern Vocational Education Journal 2020; (4): 33-38. 3. Sun P, Wang Y. Analysis of the relationship between the “1+X” certificate system and the automotive professional field of higher vocational colleges. Curriculum Education Research 2019; (24): 138-139.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v5i5.3670