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Research on the Development and Application of Task - Based Teaching Method———Taking the Comprehensive Japanese Teaching of Senior Japanese Majors asan Example

Jinchang Cai


With the deepening of the new curriculum reform, in order to meet the actual needs of students at all levels in senior Japanese teaching, teachers should guide students to master more Japanese knowledge and skills, and the penetration of methods. Whether Japanese vocabulary or Japanese short stories, they should carry out practical education in the classroom. Teachers need to implement task-based teaching mode, which can make students’ oral English more fluent and language more accurate, and let students consciously integrate into specific learning activities, so as to ensure the efficiency of classroom activities and promote the smooth progress of activities. At present, the task-based teaching model has been unanimously recognized by all education departments in China. Taking senior Japanese majors as an example, this paper expounds the advantages of task - based teaching method, how to combine task - based teaching method to improve students ’ learning enthusiasm and teaching effect of senior Japanese, and puts forward some suggestions for reference.


Task-based Teaching Method; Higher Grade Education; Japanese Major; Development and Application

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1. Chen Y. Application analysis of task-based teaching model in senior Japanese teaching. New Curriculum(Mid Month) 2019; (12): 183-183. 2. Dai S. Application and analysis of task-based teaching model in senior Japanese teaching. Caring for Tomorrow2017; (11): 64-65. 3. Wang L. Application analysis of task -based teaching model in senior Japanese teaching. Heilongjiang Science and Technology Information2018; (6): 167.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v5i5.3672