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Research on the Cultivation of Intercultural Communicative Competence in College English Teaching in the New Media Era

Xiaoling Yao


For modern and contemporary college students, English ability is very important, not only for exam-taking, but also for giving play to the communicative ability of English. For college English education, it is not only necessary to emphasize the depth of professional courses, but also to take into account its practical value. However, in the era of new media, most college English teaching only pays attention to reading and writing, ignoring the pragmatic function of English as a communication tool. In order to help better adapt to the new media era, achieve the goal of educating people in an all -round way, and cultivate talents for cross-cultural communication, this article analyzes the problems of cross-cultural communication in college English teaching, and focuses on the training strategies for cultivating cross - cultural communication. To promote better reform of college English teaching.


New Media; College English; Cross-Cultural Communication

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1. Zhang Q. Strategies for cultivating intercultural communicative competence in college English teaching———Taking the “College English” classroom of Yuanjing College as an example. Overseas English 2021; (9): 157-158. 2. Wu Y, Luo X, Lu Z. Research on cross-cultural communication ability and training strategies of college students in applied undergraduate colleges———Based on the survey and research of a university in northern Anhui. Public Standardization 2021; (9): 173-175. 3. Xue Y. Practice of improving cross - cultural communicative competence in online teaching. China Metallurgical Education 2021; (2): 64-67.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v5i5.3673