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Application of SPOC Mixed Teaching Mode in Comprehensive Practice Course

Huiqiang Tao


In the background of information age, teaching methods and teaching ideas have changed dramatically. In view of the problems existing in the current comprehensive practical courses, many teaching staffs actively explore and practice the mixed teaching methods of small - scale proprietary online courses. With the rapid development of the Internet, the traditional teaching mode cannot meet the teaching tasks and teaching arrangements at present. Therefore, it is only by actively exploring the SPOC hybrid teaching mode that can ensure the teaching quality and teaching efficiency. For the comprehensive practical courses, the concept and concept of SPOC teaching are more in line with the teaching principles and teaching planning. Meanwhile, it provides a diversified and multi - type teaching idea for teaching under the background of this concept.


SPOC Mixed Teaching; Comprehensive Practice Course; Application

Full Text:



1. Wu C, Wang L, Zhang J, et al. Application of SPOC mixed teaching mode in comprehensive practice course. Laboratory Research and Exploration 2019; 38(1):159-163. 2. Mei X, Sun Y, Cao S, et al. Design and practice of flipped classroom of microbiology based on SPOC mixed teaching mode. Modern Distance Education of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China 2020;(19):40-42.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v5i5.3674