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Based on the Construction of First Class Civil Engineering Specialty Group in Local Universities

Weishui Fei


The comprehensive evaluation of undergraduate civil engineering specialty in colleges and universities of Yunnan Province in 2018 is C +, which won the national first -class specialty construction site in 2019. This major focuses on cultivating high-quality application-oriented talents with innovative spirit and practical ability, and takes into account the cultivation of interdisciplinary, research-oriented, innovative and entrepreneurial talents. Based on one belt, one road and one western region, Yunnan will serve the development of the regional economy and civil engineering. The pillar industry of the national economy is the construction industry, and the civil engineering specialty group of construction contains a lot of related professional types. To do a good job in the construction of the first-class civil engineering specialty group of local undergraduate colleges and universities is in line with the needs of the new era society and the training goal of talents.


Civil Engineering Specialty; High Quality Applied Talents; Development Strategy

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1. Lin J. First class undergraduate education: understanding problems, basic characteristics and construction path. Educational Research of Tsinghua University 2019; (1): 22-30. 2. Zhong B. First class undergraduate education is the main connotation of “double first-class” construction. University Education in China 2016; (4): 4-8.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v5i5.3676