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Discussion on the Promotion of High Skilled Personnel Training Base Construction to Professional Development

Shaoling Xu


With the rapid development of China’ s comprehensive national strength, various schools have launched the promotion education of students’ professional development, and require teachers to use the corresponding training base to give students professional teaching, so as to ensure that the school can cultivate high skilled talents. In order to cope with the development of the times, higher vocational education came into being, and gradually attracted people’ s attention. Students in higher vocational schools can learn more skills, for their own learning direction will also have a certain grasp. To carry out the construction of high skilled talents training base can enable students to carry out targeted professional learning practice, deeply learn their professional knowledge and technology, and master professional knowledge more quickly. This paper will explore the role of high skilled personnel training base in professional development and promotion.


High Skilled Personnel Training Base; Professional Development; Promotion

Full Text:



1. Yang Q. Practical research on strengthening the construction of high skilled talents training base. China Training Center 2020; (6): 62-63. 2. Lu B, Jing X. The promotion of the cooperative training mode of high skilled talents on professional construction. China Electric Power Education 2009; (17): 22-23.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v5i5.3677