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Discussion on the Effective Teaching Methods of “ Financial Engineering ” Under the Open Education Mode

Chunhui Wang, Nan Wu, Liuyang Zhao


This article takes the “Financial Engineering” course as the research object, analyzes the characteristics of its disciplines and the characteristics of open education students, and proposes effective methods for implementing the course teaching for reference.


Open Education Model; Financial Engineering; Course Teaching; Method

Full Text:



1. Huang W. Exploration of the way to construct an open teaching model in colleges and universities———Taking the teaching reform of “Behavioral Finance” in Guangxi University of Finance and Economics as an example. Education Teaching Forum 2019; (16): 149-150. 2. Dong Z. Analysis of practical teaching mode of applied undergraduate financial engineering specialty basedon fusion innovation. Research and Practice of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Theory 2020; 3(19): 132-133. 3. Wang D, Zhang L. Practice teaching reform of financial engineering specialty in local applied universities———Taking Chuzhou University as an example. Journal of Chuzhou University 2021; 23(2): 104-108.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v5i5.3681