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Research on the Application of “ Model Series Practice Teaching ” in Landscape Architecture Design Courses

Jie Zhang, Zhi Yang, Zhihui Xu.


Model making is an accurate teaching medium in practice teaching, which plays an important role in the teaching of landscape architecture design courses. According to the model types and application characteristics, it is suggested to carry out the teaching design of a whole series of models in landscape architecture design courses, focusing on cultivating students’ ability, especially improving their practical ability, thinking ability and innovation ability, etc. , and to explore the comprehensive intervention of models in different stages of course teaching and its role in promoting teaching.


Landscape Architecture Design; Model; Practice teaching; Ability Development

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1. Li L. Research on the application of working model in the teaching of landscape architecture space design. Forestry Education in China 2013; 31(3): 55-58. 2. Zhang S, Liu P. Discussion on the teaching reform of garden computer aided design based on the application of 3D printing and VR virtual reality technology. Education and Teaching Forum 2019; (49): 92-94. 3. Wen B, Zhou C. On the cultivation and practice of innovative thinking in landscape architecture undergraduate education. China Gardening Abstract 2015; 31(12): 213-215.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v5i5.3687