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Research on the Training of New Engineering Talents in Electronic Information Engineering under the Background of Xiongan New Construction Area Construction

Yiran Jiang, Hui Wu


The construction of the Xiongan New Area is a major strategic deployment made by the CPC Central Committee to promote the coordinated development of the Beijing—Tianjin—Hebei region. It is a grand mission of a millennium and a major national event. Higher talents play an important role in social and economic development, and it is of important practical value to cultivate higher talents starting from the needs of social development. The construction of the Xiongan New Area plays an important role in the coordinated development of the Beijing—Tianjin—Hebei region, but the development of the new area needs to pay attention to talent training and application. The development of the Xiongan New Area will inevitably increase the demand for talents. Universities in the Beijing—Tianjin—Hebei region will become an important talent training base for the construction of the new area. Under the background of the Xiongan New Area, economic development challenges the talent training of traditional electronic information engineering majors. Actively layout the talent training in the future technology industry, and reform the talent training mode and practical content. This paper initially explores the training of new engineering talents from three aspects of the teaching system, curriculum teaching standards and training place, to promote the reform and innovation of the electronic information engineering major. The research results can be extended to the electrical engineering specialty.


Xiongan New Area; New Projects; E-information Engineering; Talent Training; Higher Education

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1. Zhang R, Xia X. Accurate talent docking strategy of Hebei province under the construction of Xiongan New Area. Adult Education in China 2018; (18). 2. Yang H, Liu B, Zhang T. Exploration on talent training and employment in Hebei University under the construction of Xiongan New Area. Journal of Hebei University of Geology 2017; (6). 3. Ge J, Zhao L. The Xiongan New Area promotes the training of applied high -level talents in universities in Hebei. Industry and Science and Technology Forum 2018; (2).

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v5i5.3691