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Research on the Curriculum Construction and Teaching Optimization of “College Writing” in Colleges and Universities

Bo Zhang


Writing ability in the current era of rapid development of Internet we media, especially for students majoring in Chinese literature, whether they can write articles and write articles well is particularly important. However, at present, due to the limited ability of college teachers, they fail to better integrate classroom knowledge with life practice and combine it with the needs of the times, so that students’ comprehensive quality cannot be improved, and the knowledge they have learned is seriously derailed from the development of the times and life reality, which is not conducive to the cultivation of literary and art workers who can be used in the new era. It is even less conducive to the development of national and social and cultural undertakings. Therefore, how to carry out the research on “university” curriculum construction and teaching optimization according to the reality of life is particularly important. In order to achieve this goal, we should learn to use modern scientific and technological means to realize online and offline resource sharing, pay attention to cultivating students’ comprehensive quality, and cultivate students’ professional ability and combine it with the needs of the times; Teachers should guide pre-class preview and post class homework according to the teaching content.


Colleges and Universities; College Writing; Curriculum Construction; Teaching Optimization

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v5i5.3692