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The Construction and Practice of Labor Education and Education System from the Perspective of “Five Education” Integration

Yanzhu Yang


At the moment, education reform is becoming more and more intense, from the reform of quality education in
primary and secondary schools, to the adaptive reform of vocational education, and the reform of the overall development
view of undergraduate education. Reforms in all stages of the education field continue to deepen, and colleges and
universities are the key to the comprehensive training of students.At this stage, it should play an important role in
establishing and improving the cultivation of values. “Five education” integration is proposed on the basis of “five
education simultaneously”. It is an important advancement in building a comprehensive training system and an effective
way to improve the quality of education in colleges and universities. Carry out labor education guided by the “five
education” integration, guide students to establish correct labor concepts, improve labor practice identification, and
promote the mutual integration of moral, intellectual, physical, and aesthetic education. Based on the reality of educating
people in colleges and universities, this article builds a labor education and education system based on the “five education”
integration, and proposes implementation paths and strategies for reference.


Integration of Five Educations; Labor Education; Education System

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