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Discussion on the Shaping Strategy of Humanistic Spirit in the Practice Teaching of Industrial Design Major

Zhanbin Xu


In the long-term development process of my country’s industrial design industry, because design practitioners
pay more attention to the value of product sales, profit and other commercial behaviors, while neglecting or avoiding the
impact on the long-term development of society, product design lacks humanistic spirit and positive optimism. The value
orientation often triggers more public criticism, which makes the development of the industry subject to more restrictions.
In the current industrial design practice teaching management work, schools and teachers should implement high-quality
and efficient humanistic spirit shaping work for students, cultivate students’ basic professional ethics and social
responsibility awareness, help students build cultural self-confidence, and cultivate students’ great power. The spirit of
craftsman makes the relevant design work able to keep improving. In addition, in the process of related teaching work, the
school also needs to take the individualized development of students as the related teaching goal, broaden the students’
horizons as much as possible, and realize the long-term and stable development of students.


Industrial Design; Practical Teaching; Humanistic Spirit; Shaping

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