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Optimize Higher Vocational Education Urban Rail Transit Professional Courses with Modern Teaching Technology

Jianwei LYU


Based on the pilot project of “1 X” certificate system in higher vocational education and the experience of
information teaching, the national higher vocational education system has opened the exploration of new forms of
education. Teachers started reflecting and reconstructing the curriculum structure and teaching methods. Modern education
technology has begun to have a continuous impact on traditional teaching models. By using a variety of modern education
techniques, teaching reforms, teachers, teachers adjustment of new ideas, new perspectives, new models, new methods to
adjust optimization of original teaching methods, students’ interest, learning efficiency, and training skills have greatly
improved, and can also achieve personalized teaching of applications. Therefore, the use of modern teaching technologies
to optimize higher vocational education professional courses to facilitate new feelings and motivation in the face of future
education and teaching reforms.


Modern Teaching Technology; Higher Vocational Education; Optimization Course

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[1] Wu W, Lin Q, Zhou Yu. Discussion and reflection on the application of formative assessment in clinical medicine teaching. Health Vocational Education 2019; 37 (11): 37-39. [2] Kuang Y. How to use modern educational technology to optimize the curriculum of urban rail transit specialty. Occupation 2008; 14: 76-77. [3] Fang M. Research on teaching design and application of “flipped classroom”——Taking “marketing planning” course as an example. Journal of Sichuan Vocational and Technical College. 2017; 3: 144-148.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v5i6.3742