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Research on the Training Model of Software and Information Service Professional Talents in Higher Vocational Education Based on the Integration of the Information technology application innovation industry

Yuhong Qian


Under the background of the integration of the information technology application innovation industry, many
higher vocational colleges have begun to seriously reform the training model of software and information service
professional talents, which will play an important role in the personal development of the professional students. This article
mainly focuses on the in-depth analysis of the following two aspects: “Analysis of the integration of the Information
technology application innovation industry” and “Innovation in the training model of vocational software and information
service professionals under the background of integration of the information technology application innovation industry”.
The new model aims to break through traditional thinking and methods, optimize curriculum resources, education and
teaching paths, and employment guidance system, and further improve the quality of professional talents.


Information technology application innovation industry; Higher Vocational Colleges; Software Major; Information Service; Talent Training

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